Understand what distance learning is and what are the advantages of this teaching modality with eLeaP learning LMS

The concept of distance learning has rapidly gained popularity as access to technology by the population has grown. Discover, in this post, all about this type of education and understand what are its main benefits with eLeaP learning LMS! You have probably heard about what EAD is out there. Present in advertisements on TV, radio and internet, the idea of ​​obtaining a higher education diploma in a practical and remote way has been winning students not only in your country, but around the world. Financial issues, geographical barriers or limitations in routine are factors that can, unfortunately, prevent the realization of a big dream. But with increasingly easy access to the Internet, it has been possible to break down barriers that have long limited the career and future of thousands. The method of eLeaP learning LMS, which is based on the use of technology to train professionals around the world, is full of advantages that often go unnoticed amidst the “study at home” prejudice. In this post, we are going to show you what ODL is, what are its biggest advantages and why the idea may be the best study and learning option for you with eLeaP learning LMS!.  For getting details regarding forklift training videos click here.

What is EAD?

Distance learning, or distance education, is a type of education that has emerged and gained popularity along with the great advances of technology, especially the internet. It is possible to enroll in undergraduate, postgraduate and specialization courses in general and carry out the course load of the distance learning course. You don’t have to stick to fixed hours, go to college every day, or deal with processes that, for many people, are a hindrance to studying. This is one of the advantages that ODL has brought to education: the possibility of reconciling study and work (among other commitments) or, in many cases, bringing knowledge to people living in areas not covered by educational institutions. All necessary information for the student will be available online. Classes, teaching materials, calendars, and information about teachers, students, events, and times when you need to go to the institution can be accessed in a few clicks. The organization and the commitment to study are extremely important: the same way as a freelancer dealing with challenges involving the management of own time and routine, a ‘student” also requires to have a lot of discipline and autonomy to figure out the most of what the training has to offer. Before enrolling in a course with eLeaP learning LMS, be aware of the available distance learning modalities, as some require greater student participation. Don’t worry, we’ll talk more about them below!

What are the types of distance learning available in the market?

There are two forms of participation in distance learning: semi-presence and distance. The first is when the student takes a good part of the curriculum over the Internet, but needs to go to college more often to attend some classes and perform practical activities. In the distance learning course, the definition of the MEC is that the workload is composed of 80% of distance learning activities and 20% of classroom activities. Therefore, it is important to be aware:look for an institution that offers in-person poles accessible or close to your home / work. In addition to the two main modalities mentioned above, there are several types ofdistance learning courseson offer in the market. See now which ones they are!

Elementary and high school

Those who did not have the opportunity to complete basic or high school education at the “right” time can go to EAD to earn the diploma. This can be done from the full education of each grade or from online supplementaries.

Technical level

Technical courses, which are primarily designed to build student-specific skills – at a lower level but very important for entering the job market – can also be taken at a distance.

Technologist, Bachelor and Degree

Following the “evolution line” of education, after graduating from high school, it is possible to opt for a higher education distance learning course. Among the possibilities of this type of graduation are the Technologist, Bachelor and Degree courses, as it happens in the presential colleges. The difference is that some specific courses cannot be offered in distance learning, such as Medicine, Psychology, Veterinary Medicine, Geology and Dentistry.

Postgraduate studies

The distance learning offer is also increasing, mainly due to the difficulty that graduates may encounter when reconciling their career with more years of study. There are currently numerous options for Specializations, MBAs and even Masters degrees that can be taken via ODL.

Free Courses

This type of ODL does not offer a degree of training like the ones mentioned above, but it is extremely important to increase the professional’s range of knowledge or to distinguish him from others in a highly competitive market. Free courses can cover a wide range of subjects – from content marketing to finance, foreign languages ​​and the arts or customized ones for professionals according to the requirement of the organization. A major advantage of them is that, mainly because of the greater ease of producing and distributing online content, the topics covered can be infinitely more current, relevant and contextual to the market when compared to traditional courses. Many of them have even become prerequisites for participating in selective processes, precisely because of their quality and popularity.

What are the main advantages of the eLeaP learning LMS?

As we pointed out at the beginning of the post, ODL came to help many people who, without it, would probably not have access to higher education – or would have had extreme difficulty. However, we cannot deny that distance learning practices are viewed by many people with suspicion, who question whether it is possible to graduate only by studying by computer. Yes, it is possible and increasingly frequent in a society that, day after day, deals with new advances related to technology and access to information. It is important to keep in mind that every change generates strangeness, which makes divergent reactions to the new study possibility natural. The following are the main advantages of eLeaP learning LMS. Maybe you don’t find out important information that a lot of people never even stopped to think about?

Break in geographical barriers

If you live in a capital city, a big city or even smaller places, but with enough structure (even if it’s from neighboring cities) to study, it is understandable that the idea of ​​geographical barrier has never crossed your mind. However, in the case of people who live in very small cities or those whose educational institutions offer a limited range of courses, the diploma dream can turn into frustration. The creation, development and popularization of distance learning has emerged as a promising possibility amid the lack of opportunity for training in areas not covered by classroom teaching.

Increased practicality

Work, studies, home, family. Reconciling all obligations can become a virtually impossible task. The fact gets worse when the distance between work and college is large or when the presence in both places within the imposed time is complicated. Being able to study not only from home, but from wherever you have a computer and internet connection, helps those who cannot attend classroom teaching. Between managing a thousand commitments in a medium way, unfolding and rushing to realize everything in favor of “traditional teaching”, and having the convenience of engaging in quality and appropriate study, the second option is obviously better, isn’t it? same?

Cost reduction

Studying in an on-site education institutionis actually more expensive than in distance learning. Below are the main reasons that make distance learning a more accessible option:

  • Expenditure on physical structure is infinitely lower as there is no need to allocate students daily;
  • There is no specific limit of students per course, which ends up making tuition cheaper;
  • the labor required is smaller and thus the monthly fee is also cheaper.

Quality in education

The idea that many people have that only face-to-face education offers quality education is false. So, be very, very careful even when choosing the institution, after all, as in other fields, in education there are many fraudulent companies that sell something that is not real. Diplomas of the distance learning courses recognized by the MEC have the same validity as those taken in person, that is, your degree will be worth no less than someone who graduated from that popular college in the city. It is necessary to work with the deconstruction of prejudices involving distance education, and the best way to do so is to read, research and learn a lot about the subject.